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Funerals at sea

THE SPREADING OF ASHES AT SEA is very common, and our company regularly provides funeral services at sea almost weekly. Over 30 years of this service has seen several thousand special moments when families and friends have laid to rest their beloved in the waters off St. Simons and the other Georgia islands.  


Our burial at sea service is with dignity and respect. As a licensed US Coast Guard Captain and a Pastor, we can conduct the service personally, bring your own pastor, or we will be glad to refer you to others who would come on board and perform your service at sea. The release of ashes occurs between St. Simons and Jekyll Island, Georgia.

*Other locations or other islands available for a quote.

20 Passenger Vessel


We are available year-round to perform this service on behalf of your request. You and members of the family may attend. Many people send the ashes to us. We do a video record of the trip where only ashes are being sent.

Please follow these instructions;

  1. Contact us first with the desired request date.

  2. Departures are usually best at 10:00 AM in the mornings due to lighter winds and sea conditions.  2 PM and one hour before sunset are alternative trip departure times

  3. You must send us the Cremation CERTIFICATE.  This is not the death certificate.  A licensed funeral home or crematory will issue you a Cremation certificate, which states the name of the deceased, social security number, date of death, and date of cremation.  It will also have a MEDALLION number, which seals the ashes.   

  4. When details are finalized, you and your guests, or if no one is coming, the ashes will be brought on board.  The MEDALLION Number on the ashes must match the Medallion number on the cremation certificate.  When we confirm this, we will depart and head out to the sea.

  5. We are licensed by the US Coast Guard, both boat and captain, and attending crew.

  6. Your service at sea can be as you desire.  Before departure, we will work with you on this. We suggest, at a minimum, a bouquet of flowers to be thrown on the location of the ashes.

  7. The trip takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

  8. Upon discharge, We will record the GPS coordinates.  Then we will prepare a RELEASE CERTIFICATE, which states the facts and location of the release, which will be emailed to you the next day.

  9. Reservations are confirmed only with a credit card.  

RATES as follows:

20 PAX BOAT     $500 up to 10 persons  $20 per person after that.

49 PAX BOAT     $1200 up to 25 persons $20 per person after that.

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